About Us

We're a #livemypurpose lifestyle brand featuring on-trend clothing, gifts and accessories for girls. Our flagship store in De Pere, Wisconsin is filled to the brim with adorable styles (sizes 6-14) girls LOVE to wear, gifts they'll LOVE to give and a positive message they need to hear and will LOVE to spread to others! 

We've been blessed to be part of an amazing community in Northeast Wisconsin for the past 20 years with hey, daisy! and were so excited to create a"mini-version"! Our mission was to create an inspiring place for girls to shop; but more importantly, to spread positive vibes in the community we call home and to inspire those who walk through our doors to do the same. As the desire to carry our original LP designs, merchandise and message grew...so did our wholesale line! And we are thrilled to be shipping LP goods to stores across the US.

We're sisters...and still friends after 21 years in business together. It's been a wild ride, but we are blessed to still be able to say we LOVE what we do! Our women's stores and website (www.heydaisy.com) have evolved over the years and feature what we like to say are "clothes for real life", for women like us that work, play and run around with their kids in a million directions. Our brick and mortar stores have a fun and feel-good vibe...great for picking up a last-minute gift or the perfect outfit for just about anything "real-life" throws your way.

Lucky Penny was born from "real-life" too...and the search for age-appropriate, practical yet trendy items for Rachel's girls (Sarah is a boy mom ;) who REALLY wished they could shop at hey, daisy! too! The need was there and since we love spreading positive vibes to all and fashion was our thing :))...we got our creative juices flowing and set out to create an inspirational brand we knew girls would love to wear. Our line has grown since 2017, but on-trend goods and positive vibes remain our focus...we hope you LOVE LUCKY PENNY as much as we do!